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Holiday road trips

We’re going to the Big Bend area over Memorial Day weekend to visit the Prada Marfa challenge site.


Over July 4 weekend, we’re going to the panhandle for more challenge sites.


If you’re doing the 2016 challenge, these trips will be a good opportunity to complete 4 locations. If you’re not doing the challenge, they will still be fun road trips with your club friends.

March events

We have a ride coming up next Saturday, and our monthly meeting on March 10. Get details here.

Lake Worth Castle Ride:


March meeting:


Don’t forget to check our website for events and other news. If you’re a member, you can find the club directory there, too.


Are you coming?

We have a meeting on Thursday.


And next Saturday, Feb. 20, we’re running the Fort Worth marathon — on 4 wheels.


Join us!



First ride of the new year

We’re going to Oklahoma! Come with us.


Miatas at the Coast

Finish up those 2015 Miata challenge sites with a 3-day drive to the southern tip of Texas and back up along the coast. If you’re not going to New Mexico with the Bluebonnets over Labor Day, think about coming with us.