Road Rally


Not EXACTLY a Miata club event, but some of us are interested in doing this rally, sponsored by Sports Car Club of America. If we have enough Miata club folks participating, we can compete among ourselves.

SCCA DEC 2 Road Rally

Evite to let Stan know if you’re coming at


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  1. Sasha Lanz says:

    The SCCA does 5 (or so) fun road rallies per year. We always have a Mazda or 3, and often a Miata. I always invite the Metroplex Miata group, and I want to add you to the list. These events usually start and/or finish in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, and run from morning to lunch-time. These are not timed events, but you do have an overall time limit. Speed is not a factor, but you will still have fun on the roads we find for you. Families are welcome, and some kids even navigate. Trophies await those who follow the rules well and find the most answers to questions we ask along the way. The three of you who have already entered our charity event for December 2 can form a Lonestar Miata team, or join with the 2 other Mazdas already entered to have a generic Mazda team: it’s the average score of the group of three or more that is used in the team scoring. Of course you are all eligible for individual trophies as well. There is a First-Timer class, so two of you are up for a trophy even though you have never done this before. And of course you can all compete among yourselves for “Best Lonestar Miata.” We hope to see you on Sunday, December 2nd!

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