LSMC Winter 2012 Newsletter

To start off 2012 on the right foot, I present to you the January 2012 Lone Star Miata Club newsletter.

PLEASE note the drive and meeting coming up this Saturday, January 7th. I encourage you to participate because this will be a great drive and The Shed is world famous. The best way to have a meeting; a drive and a good meal! We already have 12 cars + four maybees. Bring your radios.

This was a catch-up issue and a lot of things we did last year were left out.
They didn’t go unreported or unnoticed, though– with our blogsite and Facebook page so  active, all the stuff that would’ve been in the newsletter the past 6 months has appeared there. With all the electronic media we’re using now, the newsletter seemed a bit redundant, but there are those who still look forward to it, so here’s the January issue.