December Christmas Lights Drive & January Meeting

Do not miss out on our December Christmas Lights run and January drive/meeting. Details for both have been posted to the Facebook Events page. Also, take a picture of your Miata with the lights on, or in front of your house with the Christmas lights on, or with Christmas lights reflecting on it and post it to the Christmas Lights album. It may be cold, but we can still have some fun.



  1. Daddy says:

    Christmas lights drive rescheduled to December 20th because of the rain tonight.

  2. Suzanne Sauls says:

    We drove from Keller – again – to do the Christmas Lights drive tonight, Dec. 20th. We arrived just before 6:30, waited 30 minuted +/- and gave up when no one else showed. Went to look at the lights anyway but is there something we keep missing about this particular event to be the only ones who show up? just wondering……

  3. Daddy says:

    These are ad-hock events. They are open to whomever wants (and can) to come & do the event. We are looking to hold more of these events in the future. We want to have more events in more places that smaller groups of people can attend without feeling pressured that this is a “whole club” event. This way, people can pick and choose what they do (in addition to meetings) and there is more for everyone to participate in. It’s great that you went and saw the lights. It’s only a shame that others weren’t able to do it with you and have the same fun as you!

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