LSMC November meeting minutes

We had a good crowd at the November meeting. More than 20 people, including a guest. The LSMC welcomed visitor to the November meeting: Dan Hill who has a red 2004 Miata.

The LSMC had 14 cars at the Texas State Fair. It was a great turnout. The Corvette car club decided not to show up at all because of the possibility of rain. But the rain that did show was just a few minutes at a time, and only a couple times through the day, so no big deal at all. A lot of fun was had by all who went.

The Galveston drive was nixed because of costs.

A Holiday Lights drive will be announced on Facebook.

James Chaney is helming the first drive / meeting on January 7, 2012

  1. Meet at Mazda of Mesquite.
  2. Leave MoM at 10:30am. Drive to Edom TX. (Bring your radios!)
  3. Lunch & Meeting at “The Shed” in Edom TX at 1:30p.
  4. Drive back to DFW. Home by dinner.

More event information on the LSMC Facebook Events Page.

We are looking for a regular, centralized location for meetings that offers food, a separate room to gather where the audio can be controlled (loud music doesn’t help). A dealership was suggested as a possibility. Many IHOPS advertise the use of their extra room for free on weeknights. Any other suggestions please contact Janine.

Janine Nelson’s car was hit and was at Freeman Mazda undergoing surgery, um, repairs. She was fixed up and ready to go on Nov. 23. Janine says, “so glad she is home I missed her, Many thanks to the guys at Freeman Mazda in Irving.”

LSMC still has two Club Door Magnets for your car, a donation of $15 to the club get the door magnets and pins are $2 each. If you want to get some postcards to leave on other Miatas you see when you are out and about, let us know.

News & Welfare:

  • Lana had surgery on her foot and we hope to see her in December or January.
  • 50/50 raised $23 for charity.
  • The raffle for the Halloween quilt was won by Janine Nelson. The raffle raised $58 for charity.
  • The LSMC raises funds for the Sherill Lynn Allen Memorial for Ovarian Cancer Research. Sherill was a LSMC member and she is missed.
  • There were two door prizes awarded at the meeting.

Good food was enjoyed by all and we look forward to seeing those who come to the holiday lights drive in December.