LSMC March 2011 Newsletter

Dear Miataphiles and Miataholics:
This month’s offering has a LOT in it and I didn’t even put in everything I intended to, but as always, I’m running late and am out of time. I will try to get any goodies I missed into next month’s edition.

Please note that I somehow missed the Eureka Springs event and have put it in the newsletter. Some of you have discontinued membership, but I have left you on the distribution. If you would like to be removed, please let me know.

I received several requests from non-members to announce cars and parts for sale. Those of you who sent those requests are copied this email. Your announcement will be run one month at no charge.

If any of you have requests, want to submit items for publication or find errors, please let me know.

Zoom-Zoom! – Craig Nelson – 2011 LSMC Newsletter Editor