Welcome to the official web site for the Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas Miata Club.

July newsletter

It’s finally here! My goal of having the newsletter up within the first week of the month failed this time. I was traveling much of June, and we had a late June meeting, so that threw things off a bit. I’ll try to do better next time.


June newsletter

Please note upcoming events:

THIS Friday: Fort Worth Cats game

June 14: Ancient Ovens run is SOLD OUT!!

Registration now OPEN on the North Texas Miata Roundup webpage. Click the link at the right to find it.


Upcoming events

Hope you’ll join us in June for the Fort Worth Cats baseball game and/or ┬áthe fourth annual Ancient Ovens trivia run. Check your inbox for Evites or find them on Facebook.

May newsletter

And now, the link for the newsletter. I’m getting too old to be up this late!


Here’s the link for info on our May meeting. Hope you can make it!


Here’s this month’s newsletter! April2014

Please join us for a ride to Ennis for bluebonnet viewing.

Evite here: http://www.evite.com/l/mj2bUYTuMP


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